Winsday Wisdom – HR plus PR plus dogs in the office = Radio 4

Welcome to the first in our new series called “Winsday” (wins from around the Press For Attention PR club to inspire you every Wednesday).

First up, we’re celebrating HR guru and People pro Donna Obstfeld, who bagged a hat-trick of national media coverage culminating in an interview on BBC Radio 4 last week.

Read on to discover more…

Donna runs DOHR, the practice provides a tailored mix of HR consultancy and HR support to SME clients across London, Hertfordshire and the Northern Home Counties.

Donna “gets” that if you are paid for your expertise then a lot of your marketing should demonstrate that expertise. Donna has loads of resources on her website including FAQs and useful blogs and has an extensive download to snaffle about the HR “elephant in the room”.

Winsday Wisdom - HR plus PR plus dogs in the office = Radio 4

There is even a cuddly elephant toy named Frank who is all over social media!

When Donna started working with us this summer, she wanted to take this expert-led approach to marketing and accelerate it by leveraging media coverage.

We’ve done that three times now and the method is always the same, be QUICK, be RELIABLE and be INSIGHTFUL.

Donna has discussed cutting salaries if you work from home in the Metro, and the HR issues around bringing dogs to work (“petiquette” anyone?) with iNews.

The approach has been consistent and INSTANT (if I give her a media lead, Donna jumps into action (that can also include saying NO guys – just be quick!).

This culminated in the hat-trick last week when “You and Yours” – the flagship BBC Radio 4 programme got in touch with Donna to elaborate on the “petiquette” angle.
You see, coverage begets coverage.

Reporters like to work with “tried and tested” sources they can rely on and plan around.

That is why “they always seem to use the same experts”.
They DO this because they trust them.
It is up to you to get them to trust you.

That starts with a conversation about how ready you are to become the go-to-guru in your field.

I’ve even put together this super-speedy test for you to take that might help focus your efforts.

Take it, then perhaps book a chat with me to see how we can work together to build your profile and perfect your positioning as an expert in the media.