How NOT to win friends and influence people on LinkedIn

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Today I want to share with you a pet peeve of mine regarding LinkedIn.


It seems it struck a chord because as we speak, the article has over 3500 views and is generating a lot of sympathy and gnashing of teeth!

Please, if you do this….STOP

LinkedIn - PR

There are a huge amount of tips and tweaks that can elevate your LinkedIn profile, having a picture might be a starting point (I will not connect with anyone who hasn’t).

However, it seems SOME “experts” think they have found a short-cut to success. 

Basically, they are “praying and spraying” with zero regard to how to actually build a business relationship, let alone start one.

A polite (if not hugely creative) request came in last week for a connection. 

It seemed vaguely relevant, so I accepted and then, part of me awaited what I call the “insta-pitch” via automated message with baited breath.

I could smell it (the pitch, not the breath).

Sure enough, it came in mere moments later by “clever” automation.

To be clear, there is NOTHING wrong with trying to do business on LinkedIn, it is kind of the point!

However, please remember that this is SOCIAL media.

You don’t walk into parties and start instantly trying to sell, having just shaken someone’s hand!

Actually…maybe you do. How is that working out for you?

Get invited back often?

You listen first, you find common ground, you join in the conversation, you add value.

Then you might want to talk about what you do.

Then….you MIGHT pitch.

Now, this “tactic” (aka “spray and pray”) must work for some people, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people using it.

Plus…if you think business is a “numbers game” well, I agree.

However, you might find the numbers improve dramatically when you stop treating the people in those businesses as a number.

People buy from conversations with people, not copies with pastes.