Winsday – contains traces of the C-word

Winsday: May contain the C Word

Readers of a nervous disposition, look away now.

No really, I wouldn’t use THAT word, I mean the other one. The one that has dominated our headlines for a couple of years now.

The thing is, I have it. 

Yep, I am writing this at about a quarter of my usual pace having had to cancel meetings in person and reschedule Zooms.

I had a HUGE event to go to yesterday that would have been fantastic for my business and my mindset but sometimes, you just have to take the medicine.

In my case, copious amounts of Lemsip, vit C tablets and a revolving door of paracetamol and ibuprofen.

I feel bad, I feel ill but most of all, I feel GUILTY!

It is the curse of the entrepreneur, especially, I suspect, service providers like me.

Like when I go on holiday and feel bad for not checking my emails every hour.

Or there’s a death in the family (yep, had that too recently) and I’m knocked sideways for a bit.

However, sometimes you just have to stand up (or in my case, lie down) and say “hey, guys, I’m not at full throttle right now, can you just give me a little longer on this?”.

You know what happened when I did this? 


Nothing bad anyway.

No clients complained about a 48-hour delay or a rescheduled meeting.

No reporters moved onto the next story.

No prospects buggered off to find another provider.


Honesty and communication.

They know I will be doing my best.

They know I will be back, bigger and BETTER to help them with a renewed energy and focus.

For that, I thank them and I thank all of you reading this for remembering that if you’re not firing on all cylinders, you need to look after yourself.

As the players at SW19 will soon show, you can’t always serve but you can return.