When it Hits The Fan – new BBC podcast 

Ever had one of those “Accidental Partridge” moments when suggesting an idea to someone?

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Inner City Car Park Sumo
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Well, this time it seems the BBC have got it “spot-on” as Alan might say.

Their new podcast When it Hits the Fan is out tonight and will examine who is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

This is a subject close to my professional heart because I have lost count of the amount of times I have told people that “NO, not ALL publicity is GOOD publicity”.
I could honestly make ANYONE reading this famous in about 1 hour.
Possibly less.
However, it will likely NOT be what you want to be famous for or remembered as.
Here’s the blurb from the BBC announcement:

When It Hits The Fan is hosted by two of the most influential and experienced people in the game; David Yelland is the former editor of the Sun – who has since spent two decades at the top of the communications industry advising major companies and individuals, often in crisis situations.

Alongside him is Simon Lewis, former Communications Chief for the late Queen and Gordon Brown, as well as for major corporations like NatWest, Vodafone and Centrica. Together they bring decades of experience in both following and managing crises. They’ll share all they know about what’s keeping those big stories in and out of the news.

In each episode, our hosts go behind the scenes of the latest news stories and find out how, where and when it all began to hit the fan. They will explore the different strategies deployed by the PR professionals, paid to manage the reputation of their clients, and shed light on the media machine and how it operates. What advice is being given behind closed doors?

Fantastic stuff.
Do you need to listen to it?
Well, not if you already work with me because I handle this for you but you might fancy a nose out of curiosity to ensure you don’t have to make that panicked call to me in the future when “IT” does hit the fan – perish the thought!
If you don’t, it might be a good idea.
Meanwhile, check out my blog on why the “All PR is good PR notion is utter drivel – click here
PS if you DON’T already work with me, keep an eye out for a new service coming soon which will help you out if and when it goes a bit “Pete Tong”..
PPS you can find the new podcast in the usual places but here’s the 2 minute intro.