What PR HABIT will you set this year?

What PR goal HABIT will you set this year

I’m sure like me, you’ve been bombarded with “New Year Resolutions” ideas by now.

Good news, here’s another.

Or is it?

Because frankly, you can do this ANY time of the year, the Countryfile Calendar (other schedulers are available from leading stockists) won’t know.

In fact, most of your customers won’t know, they will just notice that perhaps you’ve been in touch more often.

Not just when you want to sell something?

The same goes for the media.

Trust me, right now, they are ALL getting pitched by businesses that have decided to up their PR game.

Frankly, a lot of these others will be of shall we say, varying quality!

I also know that MOST of these well intentioned plans will be out the window by February because “they didn’t work”.

Probably right about the same time as when you start to notice that the gym is quieter than it was.

The thing is, much like exercise, there is no quick fix to PR.

You can’t “spot increase” coverage and awareness, when you pick and choose. 

OK, you CAN but you have to get REALLY lucky or be VERY good*!

The trick is to be consistent.

Goal setting is great “we want to get featured x times a year and be in Y magazine or on Z website”.

You can measure this. Lovely.

However, what is more effective to the reaching of said goals is habit forming. 

You don’t set a goal to run 5km in under 25 minutes and then run once or twice. 

You run every week. Sometimes multiple times a week. 

That becomes your habit.

That habit will help you reach your goal.

If you want some coaching on how to do this, perhaps a little accountability, even some suggested habits that you might form and execute this month and going forwards, drop me a line and we can have a chat.

Much like diet and exercise, there are some quick fixes but they are expensive and have no guarantees. 

However, there are plenty of fads.

Why not let me help you avoid them and create healthy PR habits in 2023?

Onwards and Happy Headlines.


*I am!