What does Newsweek have in common with Cosmopolitan magazine?

About 20 minutes.

It’s true.

That is how long it took me to get Press for An Expert member Danny Greeves into the global media behemoth that reaches 100m people a month and also how long it took me to get Careers guru Sheila Starr into the iconic “Cosmo” mag’s online site.


Truth be told, there was work happening behind the scenes to make this possible in terms of wheel greasing and engine tuning but once the flag was raised (me messaging them to reply with their insight) it was all systems go.

Because to be successful with reactive media pitches, you need to be out of the gates pronto.

Danny is a published author and award winning psychotherapist and was asked about “setting boundaries when it comes to stressful family situations over the festive season” by Newsweek’s reporter.

Sheila helps women in corporate jobs overcome self-doubt so that they can become confident at work and apply for the next-level job.

Cosmo wanted to know; “If we know management isn’t a fit for everyone, why is it so often an enforced part of career progression?

Now let’s be clear, they didn’t KNOW they wanted Danny or Sheila that morning.

They wanted EXPERTS.

I read the media request (I get dozens a day) and I brokered the opportunity by pitching them to the reporters having checked whether Danny and Sheila were around and able to comment.

We then quickly replied with our insights (as a former journo myself, I always check them over to ensure they are useful and as a member, I always check that the message is right for their brand).

I then nudged and clarified issues with the reporters as needed – little things like bios, photo credits etc – and we cracked on with the day jobs.

Low and behold, international and national media coverage emerged from the chrysalis of comments like a beautiful brand boosting butterfly days later.

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Read more – https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/reports/a45735476/why-we-quit-dream-jobs/

Read more – https://www.newsweek.com/how-set-boundaries-holiday-season-1843608

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