Pidgin English – PR guru invests in latest messaging tech

Nottingham-based PR agency, Press For Attention PR, has announced plans to revolutionise the way businesses communicate in post-Brexit Britain with the addition of a flock of pigeons to the team.

The agency is led by Greg Simpson, a former business journalist and published author on PR who admittedly never lets and opportunity go past to mention that he used to live in Papua New Guinea and the Peak District.
A press release which arrived this morning, delivered by intern carrier ‘April’ indicates that Simpson believes his background and his passion to ‘think outside the coup’ made the latest hire a logical step.
‘Every PR agency and expert in marketing is always looking for the next innovation to help their clients get fantastic results from their campaigns. I looked into various technologies and spoke to a series of investors who were keen to get in early on my latest idea before settling on the carrier pigeon solution.
‘There is so much noise out there with regards the latest digital media solutions and they have their place but April and I hope to really deliver with this.’
Simpson is understood to have been deluged by CVs of varying quality and hygiene along with numerous LinkedIn requests and questions about shared parental leave.
‘The response so far has been fantastic,’ Simpson added, sitting in a hastily constructed loft on Old Market Square. 
‘April knows the area like the back of her claw and is clearly very talonted, plus she has virtually zero carbon footprint which is great news for us a a modern agency with a responsible approach to the environment. I look forward to working with her as we soar to new heights.’