I’ve Got An Issue With My Plumbing…

I am writing this after drying off, changing my clothes and asking some searching questions.
I’ve had to reschedule a client call as I was ensconced in the bathroom, wondering how it had come to this.
I’ve even had to signal for help by calling in an expert.
Yep, my pipes have burst.
Well, not MY pipes dear reader, I am proud to say. No, the pipes in the shower room and I was standing in the tray with water spraying everywhere.
Mercifully, help was on the way from my trusty plumber.
He’d been out before on an emergency call over Christmas so he knew the drill. Dogs would be barking, I would be balancing Zoom calls with writing content for customers and clients and I’d be leaving him to fix it all.
You see, I live in a very old house. There’s always something clanking or whirring or sometimes said whirs and clanks cease. This is a cause for alarm.
I am a pretty bright chap but I know my limits.
I also have better things to do with my time than faff about trying to fix the plumbing or stemming the flow of the latest tide from the bathroom.
So I have my expert on hand.
“Oh but you could do that yourself Greg I hear you cry.
Yes, I probably could BUT that is not my forte and things might get worse.
It will cost me, sure. In fact it might escalate, judging by what he’s now found behind the plasterboard but whilst that is painful, it is better that I know this and we fix it.
It’s like the old tale you’ve probably heard about the chap brought onto the submarine to address a weird and ominous sound coming from a stalling engine.
He pootles about, prodding, poking and listening.
He then takes decisive action and gives the engine a little tap with a small hammer.
Bingo, we’re all sorted. 
A week later (clearly hasn;t met my plumber!) they receive a bill for thousands of pounds!
“He barely did anything” the crew mutter and demand an itemised bill.
This duly arrived within moments (definitely not my plumber):
Tapping with a hammer………………….. £ 2.00

Knowing where to tap…………………….. £ 5,999.00

Remember, sometimes it pays to bring in an expert and believe me, when it comes to marketing and PR, I know where to tap.