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Having listened to businesses, we know that not everyone has the brief or sometimes the budget for a full strategic PR campaign. However, they often need to get a story out to their target audience quickly, with minimum fuss and of course, professionally. So, we have stripped down the component parts of our strategic offering into “bolt ons” that you can buy from us and use as you wish.

PRESS RELEASES – you can buy a press release, professionally written by our team of journalists from as little as £220 per story. Why £220? We had an idea, to be launched the summer, to donate £20 from EVERY PR Warehouse press release to charity.

This year, our chosen charity is The Lord’s Taverners.  Fancy helping us achieve our goal of telling 2020 stories by 2020 and raising over £40,000? email for more information. We will also be offering a free press release to four different local charities (one per quarter) every year. Added value is available for bulk buys of our press release bolt ons.

PRESS FOR A PICTURE – “think in pictures” has been one of our mantras ever since we started. Many businesses fail to budget for or even consider the impact of professional photography on their PR campaigns. In fact, this is often to the severe detriment of a lot of otherwise excellent work. You can hire a photographer from our roster of approved professionals from just £99 per shoot. Of course, you can also bundle this with a professional press release for maximum impact. Ask us for details.

PRESS FOR AN EXPERT –  we devised this service to help those people frustrated with never being asked for their professional opinion. We know your frustrations. Why does this happen so often? To be honest, it is down to the public relations industry. It is our job to place our clients in these positions. So, when the media is seeking expert comment (and we know when they are) the familiar faces keep cropping up. They are known, they are expert and they deliver. We can help you with this from just £99 a month, positioning YOU as the expert in your field in your location (UK only).

PRESS FOR OPINION – do you know what the media really thinks about you? You should! We will contact your target media (if you know them) on your behalf to get honest, constructive feedback on your perception amongst them. If you aren’t sure who you need to be targeting we can help with that. This establishes a baseline for your PR campaign, from which you can measure future ROI and “warm up” the press ahead of a campaign. This service begins at £250. The price will vary depending upon volume of media to be targeted and complexity of the task. NB: if you then elect to take us on for your strategic campaign on a retainer basis we will refund this fee.

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