Putting your story in the press

Since we started out in 2008, we have listened to a lot of people. Clients, customers and journalists.

We’ve also been in these roles prior to setting up the agency.

Budgets, strategies and tactics vary hugely and should always be tailored to what you need, not what we or any other PR consultancy dictates.

Not everyone wants a retainer. We understand this. So, we’ve created two different approaches – “PR Warehouse” and “PR Boutique”.

PR Warehouse allows you to buy our most popular solutions off the shelf as and when you need them.

PR Boutique is a more tailored approach, fusing strategic PR consultancy with proven tactics to deliver maximum ROI for you.

Here’s a brief overview of what we do for our clients and what we can do for you.

PR Strategy – proactive PR campaigns integrated within your wider marketing activities to achieve maximum return on investment.

We work closely with your team, setting measurable objectives that integrate with your marketing campaign. Retainer-based.

Press releases – the daily bread of the PR world. 1 a month? 2 a month? 3? We can devise a tailored solution that fits your goals.

Buy them ad hoc, in bulk, or bolt them onto your marketing campaign with your in house team.

Media Relations – ever called a journalist? We have. Thousands of them.

Our founder used to be one and all of our consultants are former and even current journalists. Take advantage of our experience.

Press For An Expert – need help finding opportunities to comment in the press? Wonder why they always go to the usual suspects?

Let us help you find these and build your profile as a “thought leader”.

Case studies – these really do work but only if you make them work hard.

Don’t just put them in your brochure or on your website, share them. We can help you write them too.

Media audits – before you start on a PR campaign, do you know where you are now?

This objective piece of work generates incredibly useful feedback. We can build on this or leave you to do that yourself if you prefer.



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