Don’t just visit a trade show – report it

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

It is something I have done for myself to build authority for years and something that I also now do for clients and it involves trade shows. 

You know the places, a glorified aircraft hangar replete with mega stands costing thousands, keynote speeches, celebrity masterclasses and ‘fireside chats’ with business megastars.

Maybe your stand is there too?

Perched on the end of the aisle, you and your team hoping for someone, ANYONE to pop over to look at your new widget.

Maybe you didn’t take a stand at all as it was a ‘rip off’ or you don’t have the manpower to make it pay this year? Maybe you have nothing new to show this year so you’ll either not go or just register as a visitor?

We’ve all been there, me included.

However, there’s a little trick I have used time and time again which has not only enabled me to meet people, it has also elevated me or my client right there at the show and in the crucial days after.

Very simply, I stop thinking like a marketer.

I don’t REALLY, I’m always thinking like a marketer, I just put on a different hat.

I revert to my old role as a journalist.

I roam the halls and stands looking for interesting stories. I listen to the seminars and take notes. I Tweet live during the talks, I share interesting stands, different ideas and concepts.

What I’m doing is rising above the noise and rather than trying to OVERTLY make myself or my client’s brand heard, I get people to want to hear from me. I become a USEFUL part of the show.

Even with BIG sums invested in stands, too many people spend 2-3 days out of their business with the best of intentions, branded up to the max, novelty sponge balls, paperweights and the ubiquitous branded USB stick in hand.

But sadly, it rarely seems to pay off.

Ask me about how I turn these events into a content generating marathon and more crucially, a chance to elevate yourself or your brand to the role of authority and thought leader by clicking HERE This is UK only I’m afraid.

Happy Headlines.