Cluckin’ Hell – they’ve only gone and got away with it!


In terms of a PR crisis, running out of chicken when one is synonymous with the stuff is a zinger of a problem. 

The last thing to do is to try and wing it…in times of crisis comes threat but also opportunity.

The threat to reputation but also the opportunity for a big brand to show its human side. That’s what KFC has done and it has paid off in bucket loads.

Read on to get abreast of the situation and help avoid any fowl ups of your own…

“A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It’s not ideal.”

That pretty much sums it up. As does the frankly brilliant FULL PAGE ad with the clever reworking of the KFC logo. Yes, when it comes to fronting up, KFC has played a blinder here.

Now, you know the old phrase, no such thing as bad publicity….well, that’s utter rubbish BUT if you handle it correctly, it needn’t be a nail in the coffin. 

KFC’s purchase consideration score (would you consider buying from KFC?) has stayed solidly at the 18 mark, underlining the limited damage to the brand but its word of mouth score (whether you have talked about the brand with friends or family) has jumped from 11 to 37.

It has been handled superbly and may well be the start of a new opportunity for the brand to engage with the public. The key now will be to maintain this tone if they want to extend the feelgood factor, keeping and indeed winning new fans.

If you are facing your own PR crisis or have given thought to what you might do, have a read of our article here for a grounder in PR Crisis Management.

The secret is all in the preparation, not in winging it.