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  • A royal reception for Richard III

    As Leicester embraces its kingly gift, what of Nottingham and Derby?

    Mar 23, 15 • 120 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    With crowds thronging the streets, the cortege of one history’s (and tellingly, literature’s) greatest villains King Richard III, wound its way to his new resting place at Leicester Cathedral. I heard on the radio at midday today that queues had...

  • Phenomenal growth - over 3800%

    Want award-winning PR results? Throw awards into your marketing mix

    Dec 1, 14 • 3299 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    A couple of evenings ago, I was out at a networking function but my phone was constantly keeping me updated from a ceremony somewhere in London. Our client was shortlisted (top 50) in the hugely respected Deloitte Fastest 50 awards...

  • Jess taking a stand over Evans

    Ennis-Hill makes a stand over Evans and Sheffield United contract

    Nov 14, 14 • 503 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    The uproar over Sheffield United FC allowing disgraced footballer Ched Evans to train with them refuses to die down. The club is yet to confirm whether they intend to re-sign their former player but it is clear to one of their biggest fans, Olympic champion...

  • Christmas is cancelled - or is it?

    Cadbury’s gives rivals a chance to coin it in at Christmas

    Oct 29, 14 • 948 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    Before someone says “I told you so” in a week or so’s time…this MAY be an elaborate PR stunt. However, if it is…it is very risky. To summarise…earlier this week, chocolate giant Cadbury’s (now owned by Kraft) shocked...

  • Digby get lightly grilled by Mike

    How to become the media’s go-to expert in your field

    Jul 7, 14 • 622 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    This summer Press For Attention PR’s Greg Simpson, author of The Small Business Guide To PR, spoke at the Elite Business Event in London on how to become the media’s go-to expert in your field. The event was a huge success with big-name...

  • Penny for your thoughts?

    Co-op banking on feedback – risky business?

    Feb 17, 14 • 266 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    As far as publicly admitting there’s “trouble at t’mill” goes, this is pretty strong stuff. I should probably wedge “beleaguered” in here somewhere but it is fair to say that by opening his arms to feedback with the Have...

  • Royal news on the agenda

    Timing is everything – PR campaign scuppered by Royal baby

    Jul 23, 13 • 126 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    I was going to write a blog last Friday about how PR is all about timing and typically…I delayed it. Good thing too as I wanted to use a LIVE case study. You see, it isn’t a simple case of bashing out a press release here and there. The best...

  • Oh my BOD! I've been dropped.

    Gatland, BOD and inter-house badminton as Welsh get Lion’s share

    Jul 3, 13 • 150 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    The furore over British Lions coach Warren Gatland’s controversial decision to drop Irish and British Lions legend Brian O’Driscroll has opened up questions of quotas, xenophobia and a win-at-all-costs mentality. It takes me back (believe it or...

  • Gove, I'm cool now kids.

    A Marathon effort draws to a close but would you run on Sunday?

    Apr 19, 13 • 141 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    This blog is a bit of departure from the norm. I tell my clients to keep their blogs and any content 80/20 in favour of useful info v selfish ends (i.e. blatant promotion) . It is crucial with regards PR and editorial too – journalists want things their...

  • #YFactorLeics – the show’s over…for now

    Mar 26, 13 • 124 Views • Uncategorized • No Comments

    I do a bit for charity (don’t like to talk about it!) and for the last eon, or 6 months at least, I have been working with a fantastic team on what was an amazing experience and event – #YFactorLeics. It was essentially a “talent”...